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Dr. Kim's clinical approach allows for parents' insights to guide the way in which she incorporates evidence-based practices. She evaluates an intervention's effectiveness not only through the outcomes it produces but also by the feasibility, consistency & ease of the process itself. She believes an intervention's functional criteria are best assessed by those that implement it; typically, this involves the members of a child's family or school. Her approach devotes extensive attention towards ensuring the considerations & concerns of these parties are continuously addressed with care. She facilitates these collaborative conversations by means of adaptive flexibility of her role whether it be Listener or Liaison, Advocate or Advisor, Counselor or Consultant along with an innate sensitivity that determines which role is best for a given situation. Her work demonstrates that this ample availability is powerfully conducive to the success of the child and the wellbeing of their supporting community. As such, Dr. Kim's dedication to cross-channel communication is what distinguishes her as a practitioner, and by uniting her expansive clinical expertise, forms a distinctive cornerstone of her practice. 


Dr. Kim provides cognitive behavioral treatment, diagnostic testing and evaluations, and educational evaluations. She has specific experience in providing social skills training, behavior management training, and comprehensive assessment and intervention services to children and adolescents with ASD, ADHD, anxiety/mood disorders, learning difficulties, and adjustment issues.  Dr. Kim also provides parent management training, utilizing components of Parent-child Interaction Therapy, to families wishing to improve child behavior within the home setting.

About Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is a Michigan Licensed Psychologist who earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Science Degree in Education and a Doctor of Psychology Degree from Indiana University.  She received formal training at The Southern Illinois University of Medicine specializing in clinical child psychology.  While affiliated with SIU, Dr. Kim provided a variety of assessment and intervention services to infants, children, and adolescents.  Additionally, she worked with the Springfield, Illinois Public School System helping children experiencing learning and behavioral issues within a classroom setting.    Dr. Kim completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Children’s Center of Wayne County in the Autism Services Program.  While at the Children’s Center, she provided comprehensive autism evaluations and behavioral treatment.

Dr. Kimberly Rubin Ph.D.
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